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At Droid's Deals, our primary concerns are your privacy and the security of any transactions you generate. To that end all our web server(s) are located in secure data centers and are able to use HTTPS (HTTP via SSL) to serve all pages and carry out all transactions. If you would like to access our site solely via encrypted means, please click here
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All credit card and/or PayPal transactions are ALWAYS encrypted. Droid's Deals uses reasonable precautions to keep any personal information you disclose to us secure. What follows below is a description of any/all data we do/don't collect while you use our site:

Information we DO NOT store at any time:
  • Your Billing first and/or last name(s)
  • Your Billing street address
  • Your credit card number
  • Your credit card CVV or AVS number
  • Your credit card expiration date
When you complete your order, and pay with your credit card, we will ask you for the above information, however, the information you provide is never stored by or on our equipment. The information is sent directly from your browser (via SSL) to our payment processor (PayPal). The information is not stored/sent anywhere else. This approach keeps you (and Droid's Deals) safe. For information on PayPal, please visit

Information we DO collect and store:
  • Your "SHIP TO:" Name and street address.
  • Your "SHIP TO:" ZIP code (and possibly city for tax/shipping cost computation
  • Your shopping cart's shipping/handling costs
  • Your shopping cart's list of items and quantities
  • Your completed order's "Order ID". We use this to correlate your order to the transaction records stored on PayPal and so that you can check your order's status.
  • Your email address. We use this to correlate your order to the transaction records stored on PayPal and so you can check you order's status.
  • A click-record of the product groups and categories you selected while visiting us. The information collected includes the date/time, the product group or category's name and your host's IP address.
  • A click-record of the items you viewed while visiting our site. This record includes the date and time, the item's name and your host's IP address. We use this information to ensure we stock the items our customers desire.
Any information listed above that we do store is used solely for the purpose of carrying out and servicing the transaction(s) you've requested. We will send you information regarding your order(s) via email to keep you informed. Droid's Deals will never sell, lease or lend your email address to any one - ever. Droid's Deals will never send unsolicited email (SPAM) to your email address(es) nor will we otherwise abuse the email address(es) you've supplied.

Droid's Deals reserves the right to amend this privacy policy at any time and without prior notice.

Thank You for shopping with us!

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